Month 3

               We have been living with my in-laws for two months and now we are on month 3.  We have had tons of fun here doing lots of things.  The weather has been amazing here in New Hampshire compared to Nebraska.  Its been nice that my husband has had time off to spend with his family and our daughter.  He used to work 6 days a week and up to 10-12 hours a day so this has been a great break for him.  It’s hard at the same time that we don’t have our own space and we have to use everyone else things but it’s not forever, just temporarily and its nice that we can go out on dates.  We did not have anyone to watch Grace in Hastings because we where just there for work so its nice now to have time for us too.  It’s awesome that his parents let us stay with them until we figure out what we are going to do for work.  Grace is loving it too.  She gets to play with her aunt ( she’s 8) everyday and play with one of her uncles (he’s 17).  So its great for all of us to have a nice break.  We are grateful for everything that we have and the people we have around us.  I do miss my family too in Nebraska but we just had to get out of there and find some new work.  So here we go, on month 3 and we will probably be going somewhere soon to make some money doing something.  We don’t know yet.  So wish us luck!


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