The Ocean

We went to the ocean on Monday and it was Great. We drove for a couple of hours through maine and it was 
a nice cloudy warm day. Not to hot at all. We where their for about an hour when my camera stopped taking
pictures. I was so mad! It kept saying I had to format my memory card even though I had already hundreds 
of pictures on it and hundreds left to take on it. So I took pictures for about an hour that day. My 
husbands mom had her camera so she was taking pics but it's just not the same going somewhere we rarely go 
to and not be able to take any pictures. I'm like addicted to taking pictures anyways. Then on the drive 
back to New Hampshire it rained like crazy and there was the most beautiful double rainbow I've ever seen
I only could use my phone to take a pic but it was amazing. It went all across the sky and seemed to close
to us. So here is one of my pics from the one hour of picture-taking I did that day. But I have to say
it's a pretty good one!

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