How I have my child embrace summer reading

                 My daughter is almost 3 and she loves books. We read books every day. In the summer we usually do a summer reading program through our library. Last year we read so many books and our library had toddler story times and crafts days. They also had speakers and fun guests. We had a blast every time we went and we always checked out at least 10 books and we would usually read them all in one day. At the end of the summer she received a free personal pan pizza at pizza hut and she loved it. So this summer we moved again so we havent signed up for any reading programs yet. But we are still reading books like crazy. We always read in the morning and at night before bed. But sometimes when the day is hectic and she is all wound up I will just make her sit down with me to read some books and it calms us all down. I have read books to her sence she was an infant and I can tell it has helped her out a lot. She is a very smart little girl and she can read some words on her own just by seeing them all the time. She has surprized me a bunch of times by reading a random word somewhere and it just blows my mind that she actually know how to read just by me reading to her. We love going to book stores and looking at all the fun books to read. We will usually read some books there and then I will let her pick one out for us to buy and take home. Her dad also recorded her a couple of those books at Hallmark and she absolutely love those. When her dad is at work she pulls one out and it’s just like he’s sitting there reading it to her. She has memorized those two books so on every page she reads it with him. It’s so cute. We just received out Fancy Nancy prize pack and she was thrilled to get new books. She also has some I Can Read Books from her sister-in-law that was passed down to her. She is still a little young to actually read them but I love how the sentences are short so I can point out all the words to her so she can start reading on her own.  I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms blogging program to be eligible to get a “I Can Read!” Book.  For more information on how you can participate click here:

HarperCollins children’s Books are the number one beginner reader series in the country. I Can Read! is the is the official sponsor for this conversation. The series debuted in 1957 with the introduction to Little Bear. It was the very first ever easy to read books that children could read independently, and has been in print ever sence. There has been over 6 million I can read books sold including 200 titles.  Some of the book titles are Fancy Nancy, biscuit, Danny the dinosaur, Fafi and Rosi Carnival, Harry and the lady next door and many more. There is also some very fun activities on their site including print and plays and click and play.


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