I hate being sick!

We are in New Hampshire now for two weeks and we all have been sick.  First my husband had a bad cough and then my mother in law had it too.  And just a couple of days ago I think I got the flu because I was very weak and my body hurt and I had a cough also. And my 2 yr old daughter got sick the same day as I so that was hard trying to take care of her and myself. Saturday night she had a fever of 104.5 so we gave her some Tylenol my mother in law gave her a luke warm bath, which brought her temp down to 99 when we got to the hospital. They said she has bronchitis and an ear infection. So finally we are getting over it. I feel a lot better and Grace hasn’t had a fever but we still have a terrible cough. And now my sister-in-law (she 8 years old) is getting the same thing. It’s just been too much. And it has been raining here so we are all praying to get well and have some good weather hopefully for father’s day weekend.  So anyone out there reading this please pray for all of us! Thanks


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