1641 miles

Thats how long it took for us to move from Nebraska to New Hampshire.  It was a great drive, really long but Grace did awesome. My husband pulled the uhaul and I drove my car.  The last time we did this drive for Christmas to see family we drove straight through. 27 hours straight. But we also took one vehicle and so one of us always played with Grace. So this time it took 3 days and we stayed 2 nights in a hotel room.  I’m so glad to be out of Nebraska and up here in New Hampshire it is so beautiful. We are staying at my in-laws right now to take a nice vacation for summer and then if a job comes up around here my husband will take it. Now we can go to the ocean in maine or go up to the mountains and go camping here. And we can swim all the time. The water is actually clear and not muddy like Nebraska. I would love for my family to come up here some time to see this part of the country. I know they would love it. So for now this is where we are. Out of the motel we lived in for almost 6 months! It feels great.


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