Top 10 creative and affordable vacation ideas

1. Last year we drove instead of flying and that seemed to be a lot cheaper and easier on all of us and we didn’t need to rent a car when we got there.

2. We packed all of our food, snacks and drinks with us. So that saved us a lot on food.

3. We brought toys and movies for our daughter. Then she really didn’t ask for much on the road trip.

4. We went to my in-laws and stayed at their place so we saved a lot doing that instead of staying in a motel.

5. We rarely ate out and just pitched in on grocery with my in-laws.

6. The ocean is a couple of hours away so it was nice to go to the ocean.

7. My husbands grandparents are by the ocean also so that was nice to visit them in the same trip

8. My in-laws live by the mountains so if we wanted to go camping we could very easily.

9. Or if it is winter we can go snowboarding or skiing.

10. There was tons of things to do including a place called Storyland which was an amusement park for kids and my mother in law knew someone who could get us discount tickets.

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