Melvin the Magnificent Molar

I just received a copy of Melvin the Magnificent Molar and my daughter loves it. She is 2 1/2 and we already read it 3 time in one day. She wants to read it all the time. It is the cutest story about Melvin and how to keep you teeth clean so they don’t turn green. It’s so cute. When Grace brushes her teeth we say “Its time to brush your Melvin” and she gets all excited. It helps kids learn that brushing your teeth are very important. And going to the dentist is Fun! It tells them all about what happens at the dentist office and what happens when there tooth goes to the tooth fairy. It is a wonderful book and I recommend it to any mom or day for their kids. Also in the back of the book you can have the tooth fairy send a personalized, autographed letter to your child thanking them for taking good care of their teeth.
To purchase this book go to And they will even personally sign every book you order!!!!

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