Happy Spring!

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly

The first day of spring!! It’s great. To bad here it was 67 degrees on Thursday and then Friday  it was 32 degrees and snowing all day.  Crazy Nebraska weather. We are still in a motel. Its been almost 3 months now. Seems like its going by fast. Dinners seem harder just because I feel like I’m running out of things to make, but I always just get online and look up different things now. I found a wonderful skillet meatloaf recipe that’s amazing. My husband and I love it. My daughter, not so much. But she’s 2 and wont touch anything with hamburger in it. I feel like I go to the grocery store every other day because our fridge is so small. It’s funny, every time I open it things fall out cuz I just cram food in it. So todays cold and its the first day of spring, really don’t feel like doing much today. I would love to scrapbook my Christmas pages but that’s very hard to do with a 2-year-old next to you the whole time. I let her help most of the times but we end up with stickers everywhere and a marker colored blanket.  So I try to get some done while she takes her nap. I’m also reading a new book called “The sweetness at the bottom of the pie” by Alan Bradley. It’s good so far. I havent gotten that far in it yet. Oh and I watch ‘The time travelers wife” last night. It was good. I cried of course. Well I hope all of you have a wonderful Spring.

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