My computer crashed!!

Oh that sucked. For two weeks, no computer. It seemed like it took forever to get it fixed. I took it to Geek Squad at best buy and they said they needed the recovery disk for it. Well as you all know I moved here 2 months ago and still live in a motel so all our stuff is in a storage shed. So I decided to go look for it and had no luck. Then best buy gave me gateways phone number to order one and so I called. No luck, you can’t talk to any “real” person at all, just a machine lady. So then I had to go get on a computer at the library, email gate way my question on how to purchase one. Then wait a couple of days for them to email me back. Go back to the library and purchase the disk. Oh and then I had to wait 8 days for it to ship and then wait 2 days for geek squad to use the recovery disks on it. THat was way to complicated. It was hard not using my computer for two weeks. I’m use to getting recipes of it so I can cook on  my stove top burner. And I was used to using mapquest as my way to get to places. THen just not checking my hundreds of emails and looking at twittermoms and using my blog, it was hard. I know I could have went to the library to do all that and I tried but with a 2- 1/2 year old running around screaming in the library isn’t much fun. So I am happy to announce my computer is fixed and everything seems like its back to normal. Sorry anyone that looked at my blog the last 2 weeks and nothing has been posted on it.

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