Birds of a feather, preschool fun!

preschool time

My daughter loved her preschool time at the library today. It was called friends of a feather. She made a bird feeder out of paper towel rolls cut in half then you spread lard on it and dip them in bird seed. Sence we are in a motel I really don’t know what to do with it, maybe I will hang it out side of out window but I bet the maids or motel manager will take it down.  So yeah she also made a pair of “binoculars” out of paper towel rolls and string. So she pretends to look for birds in it. So cute. All the kids sat down and read a Dr. Seuss book about birds. Then after that we just had to run to walmart to the littlest pet shop parade. She loved it. It was silly but perfect for a 2-year-old. She had a flag and we marched in a parade to the photo shop and she got her picture taken in front of a pet shop picture. And of course we had to  buy some pet shop toys. She had a great day. We had a surprize for my husband with out picture in the paper for the valentines section. He will be surprized with that. Now I just got to figure out a way to have him look through the paper for it. THanks for listening.


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