Top ten list of creating a fun family vacation

This is for the family’s on road trips. (We took a 27 hour drive with a two-year old)
1. Make sure you have a portable dvd player with lots of movies.
2. Have tons of non-sugar snacks. (You do not want your kids on a sugar high in your car) Trust me
3. Have lots of water and milk in a cooler with ice packs. No Juice.
4. Make sandwiches before hand and have the with the drinks and ice packs.
5. Have children’s music cd’s that your kids know the songs to.
6. Have lots of wet wipes and hand sanitizer.
7. Make sure you looked online before hand and found fun places to stop at along the way, so you all can stretch your legs.
8. Have cash on you for when places don’t accept cards or you have to drive through tolls.
9. Have extra clothes for everyone in the car with you. Just in case.
10. Have surprise toys in new packages for kids that have a melt down. For younger kids its fun to wrap the surprise toys in wrapping paper so they think its a new gift.
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5 thoughts on “Top ten list of creating a fun family vacation

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