MOPS is great!

I love going to mops. It’s so fun. I went to mops in Blair for a while and I loved it. So when I moved here I found that they had a mops also. I went last week and it was great. I love meeting other moms and seeing all there little babies. It’s also a great way to take a break from motherhood for a couple of hours. My daughter gets to play with kids her age and I get to take to grownups for a while. I would recommend mops to any mom.  It stands for mothers of  preschoolers. At the meeting last week we made blessing boxes for our husbands or kids on valentine’s day.  It was fun sence I havent done any crafts for a couple of months. All of my scrapbooking is in storage. It’s a craft one meeting and a speaker the next.  But yeah it was great. They meet twice a month and have moms nights out sometimes too. So I hope anyone reading this will try mops if they havent before. Its a lot of fun.


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