Toddler time

My daughter and I went to the local library for toddler time. She loved it. It was like kindermusik but like 20 minuets long.  My daughter has done kindermusik in Blair sence she was a new born and we both loved it.  It really opened her up to play with other kids and be social, sence Im a stay at home mom she really isnt around kids her age. So kindermusik was wonderful and the teacher was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone with kids. But they dont have kindermusik here in hastings so we went to toddler time at the library and we sang songs and read books. She loved it. Then all the toddlers played with toys together. It was alot of fun. To bad its only twice a month but its something fun to do. If we are still here in the summer there will probably be more things to do.

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