Making Dinner



Making dinner can be a challenge in a motel room.  But we have a stove top burner set and our pots and pans so I can make pretty much anything you can fry or boil.  There is also a microwave.  So its hard for me not to bake a chicken or casserole for dinner, so I’ve been just frying chicken breast or hamburgers.  They also have those kits in walmart such as macaroni grill or those chinese ones.  Those are pretty good.  I did bbq bacon cheese burgers last night and didn’t have bbq so I just made some with catsup, brown sugar, mustard and a little Tabasco.  It turned out pretty good.  I think tonight I might make some pork chops with a salad.  It’s hard to get my little one to eat lately.  She’s two and very picky on her food.  I was amazed yesterday when I made a cheese quesadia and she actually ate it.  She usually wont eat any mexican food like tacos or burritos so I was amazed.  Does anyone know any recipes that don’t involve baking? I just have the 2 burners and some frying pans and pots.

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