Giving tubbies at 3 in the morning

Giving tubbies at 3 in the morning, Going out to eat

Another night of giving my daughter a tubbies at 3 in the morning. She pukes in her crib. Not fun at all for

my two-year old. It’s strange because last saturday night she puked like five times. But we realized then she

had as stomach virus because her father and I puked monday as well. So last night I think it was the

combination of a hot chocolate, chocolate easter egg, gummies, cookies, and McDonald’s breakfast. She had

a nice lunch of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers with ham and cheese crackers but too much junk. And for

dinner we went out to eat and found a little place call Sgetties. It was a charming atmosphere and the

food prices where really cheap but the food was just ok. I had the shrimp scampie and my husband had a

Italian sausage spaghetti. His sausage was burnt to a crisp so the waiter happily got him a new one. My daughter

ordered the macaroni and cheese and of course it didn’t look like mac and cheese. It looked way better

with bow tie pasta and white creamy sauce, but she would not touch with a 10 foot pole. So I think all

our pasta was under cooked or just to al-denti for me. It was nice just to go out with my family. My husband

has worked 13 days on and 1 day off. But he had a couple sick days last week. Well thanks for listen

to my saturday night out. :\


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