`Hello anyone who is listening.  I’m Shannon and I thought I would start a blog about my family and us moving.  We lived in our last town, Blair Nebraska for 3 years because we had our daughter and my husband had work there. Well last year he got laid off 3 times so we decided to move. Our apartment was getting old anyways. So we packed up and moved to Hastings, NE.  It’s a bigger town than Blair but in Blair we had Omaha 20 minutes away.  So now we are living in a hotel with a weekly rate. So its pretty cheap so we can save some money up to get a place or if we decide to move again.  I think we are going to move in a couple months to either Utah or California. There are jobs going on there but you never know with construction. There are jobs all over the country and they change all the time.  So being in a hotel with a 2 yr old and a dog. Fun, not so much but we make the best out of it. It’s nice to go to different places and see different things. Even just going to a different grocery store is nice .  So this is exciting to see where we are going to go and what we are going to do.  Already we have gone to the children’s museum here.  It’s ok, I went to the Omaha one and it was huge and this one was in the mall in one room.  But my daughter loved it so thats all that matters.  They also have a other museum and a planetarium so we are going to do that next week some time.  They have tons of parks and a lake here but it is winter so thats not really an option. And I guess they have tons of festivals and events in the summer so that will be fun if we are still here.  I guess Kool-aid is from here so they have a huge Kool-aid festival too. My daughter would love that.  Well thats all I have to say for now. Bye 🙂

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