Moved again!

We moved again! We live in Dickinson North Dakota now. There is a beautiful state park called Roosevelt state park in the badlands. It has painted canyons that are amazing. It is only 30 miles away.  A cool town called Medora is also close by.  It’s like an old western town. Here are some photos of our new spot.


Calvin was born May 30th

So first of all let my say I have had two babies prior to this. My first was 3 days before her due date and took all day and I had pitocin to speed it up and they broke my water had no epidural or pain meds. Had a six pound baby. Then my second I labored through the nighT at home the morning after her due date. I went to the hospital at 630 In the morning water broke in truck, got to hospital at 7 and had my baby at 7:15. She was 7 lbs. So I was expecting a quick easy labor this time too. But I was in for a surprise. So with this pregnancy I was due May 29th and went into labor on May 30th! Woke up around 2-3 in the morning with contractions that had a pattern to them. Stayed in bed till 4 then decided to do the dishes, lol. Timed my contractions and they were 30-40 seconds long and 1 1/2 to 2 min apart. So I called the nurse and they said to wait till they were 1 min long and 5 minuets apart. So I took a shower and laid back in bed and they kept coming but like ten minutes apart when I laid down. My husbands alarm went off for work at 6am so I turned it off and asked him if he was ready to have a baby today. He woke up like what? Lol. So we got our daughters up. They are 10 and 6 and gave them breakfast then decided to go drop them off at their aunt and uncles. Got to the hospital around 730-8. They checked me and said I was 4 cm and 90% effaced. Told me to go walk for an hour and come back. So we walked around the birthing center floor and my contractions kept getting stronger. Finally got back and they said I was still a four but baby had dropped and I was 100% effaced. They kept asking if I thought I was in real labor. I said yes. This hurts a lot and ive done this two times before. So they said they would admit me in instead of sending me home but at that point I was not going home. Lol. Went to the restroom and had my bloody show. Got to the delivery room and they said I could walk more or go in the tub or go in the birthing ball but all I wanted to do was lay down because the contractions were hurting like hell and it moved from my lower front to lower back. So I sat in bed from like 11 – 2:57 and that is when I delivered. The contractions were so strong this time. I was going from side to side on my bed and breathing through them. But what was weird was I was actually falling asleep between contractions like fun on snoring for like 2 min then waking up in crazy pain! Kept telling them I need to push. First time they checked I was a 7. Second time like an hour later I was a 9. Then a hour later I was still a 9. Which was super disappointing. So they decided to break my water for me. My husband was awesome and kept giving me cold wash cloths for my head and water to drink because I felt like I was burning up. I broke down and cried once. Wish I got an epidural when I was stuck at a nine even tho I never had one it was just crazy painful. After an hour of the stuck at nine every contraction my body was literally pushing and I was trying not to because I wasn’t fully dilated let. They checked me again and said it was time. Doctor came in with a bunch of nurses. Hubby held one leg and a nurse held the other. Pushed for like 10 min but felt like a life time. Each contraction they told me to pull my legs up, chin and head pulled in and push. I felt him coming then I would push for ten seconds then take a breath and push for another. Over and over each contraction. I felt like giving up because it hurt so bad. Started smacking everyone’s hands off me, lol. Had my eyes closed pretty much the hole time. Finally the last push and he was out. They put him on my chest and he was so adorable. I didn’t tear or get cut. So here he is!

Calvin River Atkins

8lbs 4oz

May 30th 2018

Valentine’s Gifts

Here are some things I’ve been working on for Valentine’s gifts to sell!