Valentine’s Gifts

Here are some things I’ve been working on for Valentine’s gifts to sell!







Maternity clothes

Maternity clothing is a must. I received some from http://www.motherhoodmaternity.com for Christmas! They always have amazing deals. Here are some outfits I received. The first shirt is little hearts for Valentine’s Day! The second says due in May, the third is really nice and thick for winter and I am pictured with my sis in law that is 38 weeks in the photo, and the last is a pretty red shirt.

Prego cravings

So here are my current prego cravings 😬

So cereal is a number one item. Love Oreos O’s ❤️ Next up is cream of wheat with roasted black grapes and peanut butter. This recipe is from Bobby Flay’s fit and healthy book. Then we have a roasted duck with oranges, oatmeal with nuts, seeds, blueberrys, coconut oil, butter milk and maple syrup. It’s amazing. I also love dill pickle sandwiches, which are English muffin with mayo, cut dill pickle, and cherry tomatoes. So, so good. Then I found the cutest blueberry kombucha and of course I love crawfish. I ate three full bowls! Lol

Kinsley’s 6th Birthday

Kinsley wanted a Barbie birthday this year. So on December 20th that’s what we had. First we went to the children’s museum in Fargo and it was great. It snowed all day so it was awesome. We got the cake at this wonderful bakery and lunch spot in downtown Fargo called Nicole’s Fine Pastry. Grace got a sea salt Carmel tart, I got a mocha panna cotta and Kins got a lemon square. They both shared an amazing hot chocolate with a ton of whipped cream. Her cake was called Nicole’s ultimate birthday cake and had sprinkles all in it a a marcapone mousse for frosting. It was amazing!